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Charging On The Go...

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I hate to burn gas, but if I wanted to drive more than 40 miles, would it be acceptable to install a generator to power my Manzanita charger which would charge the batteries as I use them, or should I convert the generators ouput to DC 144V and send it to the pack? Or should I just use the gas burning thing sitting in my driveway?

I notice the voltage reads below 144V as I accelerate, and wonder if that would blow the Manzanita if it were charging while the pack was in use.
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The above thread and the ev consulting page are great! We are also talking about it here:

EV Consulting says it's doable with a Zivan so your manzanita might work....?
I'm trying to figure this all out as well. Zivan said to run a 7kw generator with the NG5 (they said that charger would need 130% over....?). I asked if I could go above that, say a 12 or 15 kw generator but all they said was "you can run chargers in parallel"
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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