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Charging On The Go...

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I hate to burn gas, but if I wanted to drive more than 40 miles, would it be acceptable to install a generator to power my Manzanita charger which would charge the batteries as I use them, or should I convert the generators ouput to DC 144V and send it to the pack? Or should I just use the gas burning thing sitting in my driveway?

I notice the voltage reads below 144V as I accelerate, and wonder if that would blow the Manzanita if it were charging while the pack was in use.
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Thanks for the link thats very cool. I like the idea driving all electric 90% of the time, and for the rare occasion having the option to use a bio-fuel generator to make it all the way home!
I don't know how they make the charger put out so much current though. Does it automatically happen because the battery voltage sags while driving and the charger compensates for this with more current? The only info I can find is 144 volts at 15-20 amps for the Zivan charger. Thats not enough to move any car at 45 mph as the website says.

For those interested, I found this generator which could possibly be run on veg oil. Somebody double check my math but if they're ratings are correct, this generator would give an EV hybrid 55-70 mpg and approx 720-1000 mile range on one tank of fuel. Works for me. :D
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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