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Hey all, I am closing in on the day where I am ready to actually charge my batteries for the first time, and wanted to get some info from anyone who is using tesla modules, or might otherwise be knowledgeable about them.

I was under the impression that Tesla has gone through a few iterations of panasonic 18650 cells, but I do not actually know what year my pack is from, only that is was somewhere between 2014 and 2018. Is it safe to assume that the charge parameters, as far as High Voltage Cutoff and Low Voltage Cutoff go, are going to be same?

Also, I read that the Mercedes B series car that this pack was from did not use more than 28kwh, and that some other auto makers limit the DOD to increase battery lifespan. Does anyone have opinions about where the sweet spot is, in terms of getting max range while limiting cell degradation?

Lastly, I am wondering about voltage sag and where to set my Low-voltage cutoff thresholds. Is voltage sag linear? I am doing some module balancing, so I have an idea of how much the voltage drops when a given load is applied - could I use that to estimate the sag at full motor power?

Would love to get some real-world info from anyone who has it, even if it not specific to these cells.
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