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Chargings Multiple Packs in Parallel

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I've got a golf cart that I am retrofitting with 48V 45Ah Li packs salvaged from a Chevy Volt. I am currently testing the cart with just one of these 12S packs and so far so good. I'm using a programmable charger and a BMS on the pack. I'm charging to 4.1V per cell for a pack voltage of 49.2 when fully charged.

45Ah won't give be enough range so I plan to add 2 more of these packs and run them in parallel. Each will have its own BMS but I'd liek to run just one charger. Can I charge all 3 packs in parallel with a single charger, allowing the BMS on each unit to regulate when it can an cannot charge?

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I've been charging my Volt Modules in parallel for several months now with no issues on my Tomberlin Vanish UTV - my top balance cheap BMS simply has a parallel harness that plugs into the two balance ports. I've seen this done with as many as 6 modules. The only thing to watch out for is before plugging it in make sure they start at the same voltage so there isn't a huge surge of current to balance them upon plugging in!

Where did you get the plugs for the balance ports
And do you have the pin out?
I have the same batteries but without bms
Thank you
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