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Hybike advice

I have been offered a real deal on a new Hybike. $180. The only problem is, it is missing the keys, the charger, and very likely the batteries. The keys I can probably figure out. However, does anyone know where to buy a new battery and charger and for how much? Even if those two run $500 the bike is $1200 new, so it's worth considering. Also, since the key is missing, the batteries *may* still be in the battery compartment. Does anyone own one of these can the batteries be removed from that compartment? My last thought, is I have a ready supply of sealed lead-acid batteries. I could possbily find 3-4 decent ones that have the same volts/amps and make a new battery pack. I would still need to solve the charger problem, though.
If you're interested, the website for hybike is
Thanks for any help!


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