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cell from a new, never installed, 2016 chevy volt battery -- 48v, 48 amp hours, weighs 40 lbs, includes BMS and charger

dimensions are appx 10"x10"x10"

got it from a bay area guy who buys them new and parts them out -- and it's just too beefy for my e-moto project -- I'm in the bay area, CA

these batteries are used in lots of different e-vehicle projects, great discharge rate, etc. great for any solar system as well

never been installed, or dropped, or used, or cycled, etc -- like new

pictures here:

What would you charge to ship this to zip code 30019??
Also with the BMS what is the max current??
Or does it actually handle the current?
Is the pack already bottom balanced??

Thanks I’m am interested in it..
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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