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Check out this thread. Yes, it is almost 6000 post long. It will show all the frustrations, success, and all the failures from going to a new chemistry. John61ct is a poster there on that thread as well. He knows what he is talking about. Here is the link....

Even if you did put in the Volt battery, you would most likely have to change the inverter and charging sources. Most power system equipment over-charge, over-discharge lithium based batteries, or do not have a way for a BMS to safely turn off the charging/discharging source.

I am not saying it can not be done. It can be done. I have a off grid house with the more volatile car batteries. I have them in a separate shed away from my house. So if they do have a problem... It does not kill my family while they sleep. You will not find many people that will recommend you use the more volatile batteries in confined spaces. You will be taking chance with you or a loved ones life that YOUR wiring and YOUR safety devices work.

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