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Chevy Volt battery module Gen 1 in parallel

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Last year, I've done a ghetto PCB with resistor to put three 12 cells module in parallel:

Since this time, I've learned to design PCB and I designed a plug and play solution to reuse the Chevy Volt connectors (pic). My goal is to use one Zeva BMS with two (or more) 12 cells module to create 45V battery of 90Ah, 180ah, or more Ah.
In my head (mechanically mind) it was easy, but I probably do something wrong because the result are not those expected.

I've start with two modules. On first, all the cells was at 3.96V and all the cells was at 3.80V on the second.
I plug my PCB with orange connnector (circle on pic) with 26 one ohm resistors and let it balance the modules. It was not plug to the BMS.
24h after, all the cells was equalized at around 3.88V exept the most negative and the most positive one.
During the balancing, the black AWG 8 wires and the multimeter on the picture was unplug.
I add the pics is the schematic and my PCB if that can help.

Is there I miss something?


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Sweet solution
It looks very clean/professional
when I want/need to "go bigger" than just a single 45V/47AH Volt pack
I will contact you
nice job :D
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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