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Don't know if this helps but I have a first Gen Volt and it is advertised as having a 16Kwh battery. The motor always kicks on after I've used between 9.8-10.2 Kwh. (not sure why it's different because it doesn't seem to count the regenerative braking) I also know that a stock volt will continue for a few more miles beyond this point if it runs out of gas. So using the Stock BMS would be very safe for the batteries since it has a healthy 'buffer' at both the top and bottom of the charge.
Running without a motor, I imagine it would give you a warning after you went below the recommended voltage telling you to "refuel". Sorry, I can't tell you what components control this function. I'm a hands-on kind of guy so my personal strategy would be to try and make the whole system work, outside of any vehicle, and then start unplugging things to see what's what.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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