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Chevy Volt Gen 2 module balancing with Dilithium Design BMS

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Hello, first post here -
Of course I've jumped in way over my head and need will need a lot of help to get my project running.
Today I am seeking a pinout of the Gen 2 battery module BMS connector.
A FB member sent me a picture of a pinout, but warned me there were possibly two versions? I hope to ensure I have the right one.

I am electrifying a 2001 Triumph Speed Triple motorcycle.
I have purchased a 6s2p 3.1kwh 60V Chevy Volt Gen 2 module and the following -
ME1003 motor
Alltrax SR 72400 controller
Dilithium Design BMS control board
TSM2500 charger and basic evcc
Tyco 72v contactor
SOC meter
Twist Throttle

First priority - don't burn the house down
Second priority - don't damage any parts listed above
and... have fun and learn new things.

Thanks a lot

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