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As those of you from my other thread know, I have a local seller who was willing to sell me a 2014 Chevy Volt battery with 30k miles on it.

After considering the issues with a 12s pack, I decided I wanted to wait for a Nissan Leaf battery to come along.

Now my problem just got complicated. The seller has come down to $1300 and I'm having a difficult time passing this up.

I'm not crazy about going with a 12s pack, I'd prefer to have a 13s or 14s.

So I'm wondering, I've never seen a Chevy battery close up let alone work on one. Is it possible to take a module plate or two off one of the 6s packs and add it to the tail end of a 12s pack? I know the tabs are welded, but was thinking I could drill and bolt them together, or at the very least, run a jumper between them.


I'm going crazy over here. Michigan is not exactly a hot bed for electric vehicles and these packs are rare.
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