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Sorry. I think I posted this in the wrong forum.
This is my first post so PLEASE don’t beat me up on this, but I bought a second hand Chinese Electric Car. It is a 2018 Tenochka E200. It has 5-12 volt deep cycle Trojan Batteries & a 300-watt motor. So, I would like to replace the rear shocks and I also have the Seat reclining mechanism bracket handle that needs replacing. Looking up the make and model, or Chinese Electric Vehicles has not been any help.
I found the seat bracket on Alibaba, but they want you to buy 10 or more. I only need one. The shock measures about 12 1/4” long and the bottom bushing end is about 11/16” wide.
I am including some photos and I am hoping that someone can recommend replacement parts or a web site that I can visit. I was thinking about Golf Cart parts, or Mobility Vehicle Seat parts, but it is challenging to find the right ones. I am waiting for a response from a shock absorber vendor on EBay.
The car is tiny. It is a 3-seater and is only driven locally in a small town with little traffic. I wouldn't take it on any freeway or a place where it would be dangerous to take. It is a sardine can and a major accident could be fatal. It does go up to 60km per hour, so it is fast enough to get around town, and the charge holds up well.
I had every intention on building my own EV. In fact, I bought a 1986 Pontiac Fiero that I planned to convert. I planned on dropping the engine and replacing it with an Electric motor. BUT, my circle of friends convinced me that the engine was salvageable and to just clean it up and go through it by replacing sensors and hoses and get it to run better. So, 2-years later, I have a clean engine that starts up every time and purrs like a tiger.
Thanks for letting me in and thanks for being civil and not giving me digs for buying a Chinese car.

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