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Chinese Electric Car

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So I bought this Chinese electric car. It is a 3-seater but is barely comfortable for 2. It is a 60-volt powered with 5 12-volt Trojan batteries. It is just below average grade. My post is to get some advice on how I can improve the car’s handling and suspension. I can’t find a web site where I can get parts for this car. So I have to improvise. I have replaced the rear shocks with golf cart shocks, but I had to modify the brackets on the frame. I would like to replace the front suspension. I am wondering if anyone has any experience with one of these imports? The make is a Tenochka. But I doubt it has any manufactured parts. Thanks in advance.
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First comment would be to lose the FLA Trojans. Less weight always handles better. Wider rubber too.

Pictures of the front would be helpful, but generally replacing rubber with stiffer urethane components has improved response in some vehicles, larger sway bars, stiffer springs, less soft shock absorbers is the traditional approach
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