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Chinese GB 20234.2-2011 charger

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Does anyone have any info on where I might obtain a Chinese standard GB20234.2-2011 charger or the parts to construct one?

I've Googled myself silly looking, on top of shopping in every Chinese online store I could find. I've also emailed various Chinese and American companies that deal in EV charging or Chinese EVs. All the emails have come back as undeliverable except the handful that never got responses of any kind.

I'm kind of stuck. I'm about to break open this LFP pack and see if I can come up with a way to charge individual cells.

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Finally found a charger on AliExpress. I'll have to do some modification to it to work on US power, but at least I'll have a proper charging system for the car's systems.

I might even see if I can use the control system in the charger and convert it from a Mode 2 to a Mode 3 charger. I found a detailed spec sheet for the GB20234 standard. The spec in combination with a working device communicating according to the GB standards I might be able to reduce my charge times.
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