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Choosing vacuum pump CFM

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Hello everyone, the ICE vehicle already had power brakes, after removing the engine "vacuum source" the vehicle already had a brake booster as well as a vacuum canister/reservoir. I will add a vacuum pump, but I'm confused with the sizing terminology and process. How do I choose a specific CFM & pressure setting on the vacuum pump pressure switch. Thanks,
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The easiest way is to use a salvage, or aftermarket new, OEM brake booster vacuum pump - no science needed there. Some also have pressure switches.
If you use an OEM brake vacuum pump, no math involved and you have an automotive qualified component. There are many to choose from. The GM ones are pretty inexpensive.
Don't forget the relay for that Chinesium vacuum switch.

@reiderM What pump are you using?
Not exactly weatherproof, either 😬

I would not use that backwards aquarium pump for brakes in a car, but one actually made for life under the hood of a car. One from salvage shouldn't be that different in cost...

Like all things in life, the noise you get depends on how you're mounting it.
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