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Choosing vacuum pump CFM

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Hello everyone, the ICE vehicle already had power brakes, after removing the engine "vacuum source" the vehicle already had a brake booster as well as a vacuum canister/reservoir. I will add a vacuum pump, but I'm confused with the sizing terminology and process. How do I choose a specific CFM & pressure setting on the vacuum pump pressure switch. Thanks,
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I have a pump with 12 liters per minute of vacuum capacity. I would go 20 LPM minimum, this pump is a little small and if I'm pressing the brakes a lot at low speeds I can lose some travel on the pedal. Not a big deal just takes a bit more leg strength.
Don't forget the relay for that Chinesium vacuum switch.

@reiderM What pump are you using?
Vacuum Pump 12V Mini Diaphragm Air Compressor with Silicone Tube

This one. Lol. No problems so far but it's loud as hell. For $25 new I have no complaints though.
It's noisy even when not mounted... Just a noise unit 😅
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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