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Choosing vacuum pump CFM

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Hello everyone, the ICE vehicle already had power brakes, after removing the engine "vacuum source" the vehicle already had a brake booster as well as a vacuum canister/reservoir. I will add a vacuum pump, but I'm confused with the sizing terminology and process. How do I choose a specific CFM & pressure setting on the vacuum pump pressure switch. Thanks,
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Upon the realization that we forgot we need a vacuum for the cabin air valves in the climate control even though we are using a iBooster for our brakes, I am getting these to add to our project as well as try them on the next conversion with the standard brake system.

Power Brake Booster Electric Vacuum Pump Assembly 20804130 31317530 009428081 US | eBay
New Electric Brake Vacuum Pump Switch for Booster 28146 | eBay

But we also plan to set up our VCU for max regen so we should only be using the brakes in emergency situations (or misjudging the lift distance for 1PD)...
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