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Christchurch NZEVA Group Meeting Open Garage Warwick's Wed 13th Oct 7:30-9:00ish

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Hi All.

Host for the next evening

Warwick Stevens

217A Wainoni Rd

Wed 13th Oct

Ford Festiva EV Lithium
Hi All,

Thanks Warwick. His machine is going well and mine is back on the road (touch wood).

(I have changed out the looped power steer and replaced with a manual steer rack so now completely replicatable and certified. I now know much more than I ever wanted to about bump steer etc but Power Steering Specialists did a good job of supply and fit the slightly longer steering rack ends so the pre 1990 manual rack would fit and all for $135. the manual rack was another $100. I still am not sure this is the better way to go but a large dc dc converter of 80-100A as well as an electric power steer pump is the alternative. Anyway plenty to share for who ever is interested.)

As usual any and all persons are very welcome to attend. No matter what stage you are at in the conversion process we hope that by sharing the knowledge we have developed from owning and driving EV's we can make your EV less expensive with less uncertainty than ours have been.

Best regards

David Newton