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Citicar Commutacar at the Junkyard

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I was looking for some car parts at the junkyard and noticed there was a red Citicar Commutacar sitting in the front. It's in pretty bad shape - covered in random graffiti and missing the dashboard. But if anyone is interested in parts (whatever that is left) or would like to rescue it, it's at the LKQ pick a part in Sun Valley, CA.


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HAHAHA! This is insane. Why would someone spend their time building such a car and then sell it at a junkyard? It looks like a school project of a teenager. This proves my point that at the junkyard, you can find almost everything. You can sell your old scrap and even find something you are searching for for a long time. For example, I went to the junkyard with my friend to buy some details for his Honda, and guess what? I found there a brand-new Subaru WRX engine. I searched for one of the theses, and of course, I bought it because it was at a good price.
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