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Citroën C8 - Tesla inside

Hi !

I'm doing a conversion of a 2003 Citroën C8 MPV.
As the thread title reveals i'm going with pretty much all tesla parts.
  • Full p85 batterypack
  • Large Tesla Drive unit
  • 2 x Gen 2 chargers
  • Tesla DCDC
  • Tesla chargeport
  • Tesla Junction boxes.

The car will still be Fwd.
Will probably dial the controller down a bit too about 200kw or less.

The reason for the build is that we are a family of 6 people and need a bit more range than the E-nv200 7-seater does. And we cannot afford a Tesla Model X yet.
I got the Citroen for €300 with the ICE blown.
We have the sister car (Peugeot 807) already which we drive daily.
It has an 2.2 petrol engine with about 160hp.

I'm hoping for about 400-500 km range and performance that is a bit better than the original ICE engine.

Here is my build blog:

its pretty empty still but I will be adding stuff there soon.

Also a photo album here:

Best Regards
/Per Eklund

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Re: Citroën C8 - Tesla inside

Nice concept ... let me know if you would like some assistance to define a new Battery Case for the Tesla Modules ... most local VARTM capable Bond Shops should be able to fab the Shells to a drawing/process specification. I just require principal Tesla HDPT internal/external dimensions for the empty Tesla Case and images of the proposed C8 cavity(ies) ... Justification for FMVSS Puncture, Pole, Long/Latreral Impact will be FEA simulated. The Bond Shop then just needs to follow the BOM, Laminate Scheme and VARTM Processing Instructions .... MDF Direct Tooling will suffice for 2 pulls ...
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