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Citroen Berlingo E500 battery replacement

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Hello, I've been offered a Citroen Berlingo E500 which apparently needs new batteries as it only has a range of about 7 miles.

Does anyone know the specs for these batteries, approximate costs, where I can get them, and also how easy they are to replace?

Sorry for all the questions, but any help would be much appreicated.

Thank you!
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You did a basic web search, right? The Wikipedia pages for the Citroën Berlingo électrique (1998-2005) and Citroën Berlingo Electric (2010-) describe the vehicles; there's not a lot of battery information, but at the very least they explain that these two generations have completely different batteries... so which one is this? It looks like the E500 is the early one, with a NiCd battery from Saft that will be unreasonable to directly replace; that's why some online discussions are about upgrading to a more modern battery.
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