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civic del sol - help

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sorry for this noob post, but I am just getting started. I am converting a 95 civic del sol.

Can anyone recommend a great step by step conversion manual? It doesn't have to be for my car specifically, I would just like to have a good roadmap to follow.

I have Bob Brant's book and Convert it. Both are good for general overview, but if I had something that was written in the last few years that could walk me through it - I would feel better about getting started.

thanks for your help!
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There are a lot of good sites out there describing the process.

Here's a good one, pretty advanced conversion:

There's the infamous Gavin:

I have a site also that documents my conversion. I would classify my site as more of a "beginners" site. I'm no car expert and I'm no electrical expert.

I hope some of these can help.
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