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Classic 4x4 EVs

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Hey guys!

Just getting started with the EVs and figured I should introduce myself.

I'm a recently unemployed software engineer with time on my hands, so I figured, what the hell, always wanted to build an EV.

Partnered up with a good friend of mine who owns a custom 4x4 shop, he does frame up restorations, custom frames, and all sorts of cool IC stuff, but he really specializes in old IH Scouts. So we recently pulled a beautiful 67 Scout out of his "Scout Graveyard" and started procuring parts for our first build.

From a drivetrain aspect, I think we have more than enough experience and knowledge to get everything going. My biggest fears at the moment are battery related, seems to be a huge amount of information to learn.

We are going for an AC setup with direct drive to the factory transfer case in the Scout in order to preserve the 4 wheel drive. It originally had 80hp, so, while not out to produce a performance vehicle, we are certainly hoping to be better than it was stock.

If there is anyone in central NC who wants to come join us for a beer and maybe share some knowledge and projects that would be awesome!

Looking forwards to being part a of this community
- Calin
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Hi, and welcome.
Im no expert at all, but the one thing i have learned when figuring out potential performance of an EV, is to think in terms of Torque rather than HP.
An electric motor may not look to have impressive HP , but it may well be a Torque monster, when hooked up with the correct combo of battery and controller.
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