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Another small car! :)
Wiki tells that original power is 13kW @4500rpm: with the motor you bougt, the Fiat will nearly fly. Max. speed equals to 140km/h, assuming the 20kW peak is sufficient. Torque is..."more than sufficient".

You will not need the flywheel and the clutch (unless you want continually change gears, which I consider unnecessary), go directly to the gearbox' input shaft, that will save space and weight.

I do not know if you will find a controller that fits"plug-and-play". I have learned that it takes time and knowledge to match motor and controller (which may be the reason why so many of us take at least motor/controller as a package from a donor vehicle).
At least this is what I see when visiting my favourite E-conversion shop.

Good success with your conversion, would be nice to keep us informed and send some pictures!
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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