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Wow! This is going to be fun. That layout with side by side pancake-format motors driving the front wheels directly has always been my ideal for a mini conversion, though I imagined using slightly less powerful motors...

I don't know of anyone in the UK who supplies the Sevcon software and IXXAT USB to CAN adapter, but I've had a little contact with this French company before and they do sell it:
I know this adapter works with the Sevcon Gen 4 Size 6 controllers, but you'll need to check that it works with Size 8 as well.

Do you know what application the motors were originally used in? If the controllers are already preconfigured then it should at least provide a starting point to work from, even if it's not ideal for your mini. From what I understand the most difficult part is programming the controller with the motor characteristics, and that part should already have been done.

It looks like you'll need to remove some of the rear web from the subframe to move the motors back a little, but as you doubtless know the steering rack limits how how far back you can go. It might give a bit more clearance if you raise the motors a little above the normal driveshaft centreline.

Will definitely be following your progress!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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