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Claud butler classic conversion

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Hi members, I'm currently working on a budget priced easy quick starter motor bike conversion, consisting of a
12v motorbike starter
Salvaged razor controller and throttle, and salvaged 24v lithium ion battery pack..
And also a mini Moto cog & sprocket salvaged from a old mini Moto....
I'm thinking about a front fork mounting bracket, driving the front 700c wheel,
I'd like to hear any feedback and tips etc regarding this hopefully simple
Pictures below are the type of starting motor and current sprocket, which I will have to change over to the mini Moto cogs and chain system, anyone got any idea about what speed I'd probably get using this method, but wired up to the 24volt battery ???
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I was in a similar position to you a few years ago when i converted my mountain bike to electric, from what i gathered the rear wheel was a better candidate to electrify - the steering gets heavy and weird with stuff bolted to the forks, and the extra forces on the forks mean they have to be pretty strong. Of course you can do what you like, though!

Have you thought about powering the crank with a motor if you don't want a wheel with a hub motor inside? something like this on amazon

I found that on my bike, disc brakes were a must - the bike goes through brakes a lot more quickly than when it was meat powered, as it tends to go faster and is also heavier

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700cc wheel, so bike = motorcycle

My 6 year old will be able to kick your ass with her Barbie Jeep, then she'll turn around and laugh as the windings in your starter motor go up in smoke from the duty cycle you tried to apply to it.

You asked.

Dude, you need horsepower (at least a half dozen kilowatts, sustained) to make speed. Buy a hub motor and take it from there is my recommendation.
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