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I am selling my 1974 VW Bug that has been restored and converted. It is a very clean conversion that cost over 20k in parts alone, with receipts. We did not skimp on the parts or the work. The drivetrain is made up of 40 100ah GBS lithium cells sitting in an aluminum rack monitored by an EPS BMS run through an evnetics Soliton 1 to a 10" kostov motor. The brakes have been upgraded to discs all around and the tires are new as well. The paint is new, not a perfect paint job, could use a color sanding due to some sags in the clear coat, but it looks great and breaks necks when we drive it. The car has not been driven much, certainly less than 1k miles, but enough to know how much fun it is! The interior is new, including an in dash DVD system that displays the BMS info as well. There are 4 new high end speakers as well. The charger is an elcon and we have it set up to charge either 220v or 110v with adapters for each. You could not build a car this nice for less than twice what I'm asking at $11,000. We have a baby coming and I need less distractions in the garage. Shipping to just about anywhere in the country would be less than $1000, and I would consider trailering it to a nearby buyer. Please feel free to ask me any questions about purchasing the car.


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