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Hi everyone,

Well this controller came with my Bradley so I was just using it because why not! it worked! and performed pretty well until... pop. Sad to say I was only running about 150 - 200 amps when it blew although it was in fact about 105deg F outside at the time and I had been driving for about 35 miles already.... I never saw my bradley pull much more than 300 maybe 350 amps with this controller - not sure why... I always wondered why it wouldn't give more....

but anyways, here it is, in all it's blown glory. I might be interested in fixing it (if possible.... opinions???) and using for a smaller project on the farm (like an electric ATV for example) if anyone has any feedback... I'm not an electronics whiz like some people on here (whom I hope will chime in) - but I'm not shy either, and i'm learning....

... to be replaced by the P&S Controller I'm currently working on.



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