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Hi All,

New member. Unfortunately my life circumstances have evolved and I have to accept I am never going to do all of the EV conversions I was planning, so I need to get rid of all of the EV things I have been hoarding.

This includes:
1 Running 2012 CODA Sedan, registered with CA HOV stickers, 31 kWh pack
1 Not Running CODA Sedan, Not registered parts car with a 31 kWh pack and a prototype drivetrain. Has a Chinese AC motor (JJE) and a Semikron Inverter.
1 Not Running CODA Prototype Sedan with 36 kWh pack and with the same prototype drivetrain, also for parts

In addition to these 3 there is one more prototype that has no drivetrain, but a 20 kWh battery built in that can easily be transferred into something else.

I had lots of grand plans for home builds, but I just don't think I am every going to have the time.

All located in Southern CA, just south of Palmdale. Please let me know if you're interested.

Asking $3,000 for all. Will help with what I can. Lots of random odds and ends as well, DC/DC converters, Lear chargers, Hydraulic pumps with BLDC motors, etc.
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