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Hello Everyone,
I am working on my college project related to conversion of Toyota Yaris (sedan)
the aim is to attain a maximum speed of 120kmph with a range of 150 km

These are the calculations I have done on my side.

I have assumed 10% gradient.
Mass of the vehicle is considered to be 1916 kg ( I have assumed the battery pack may weigh 30% of curb weight)
overall gear ratio=7.8066 (assuming car will run on 2nd gear)
wheel radius= 14"

Rolling resistance force= 187.026 N
Aero Drag= 517.477 N
Gradient Resistance= 1870.40 N

from above values Power= 84 kW
torque= 140 Nm

I am thinking of using HPEVS AC x 35 electric motor 144V and 500amps
Battery Back of 35 kWh and capacity of 200Ah

are these values correct? Please suggest corrections if any
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