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Everyone wants to live a healthy life. Most of our life days are full of tensions and worries. It is a common research in America that suicide is more common among men as compared to the women. Suicide is the 2nd major cause of death in America, bit there are many other disease which are common in both genders.

• Heart disease is the first major cause of deaths in America. It is common in both genders. We can save from this disease by leaving smoking habit and by eating low fats diet.
• Cancer is the second major cause of deaths. Lung cancer is very much common among men and breast cancer among women. We can reduce the chances of cancer, by leaving the smoking habit, by eating healthy food, by using sunscreens or by regular checkups.
• Stroke is the 3rd reason of deaths. We can reduce this by changing our diet, by eliminating our smoking habit and also with the help of reducing weight.
• One main reason is fatal injuries. Mostly injuries are in the bike accidents. We do not wear helmets during driving. We do not use seats belt while driving and use alcohol while driving.
• Diabetes is also the reason of deaths. Diabetes mostly affect our kidneys, our heart and sometimes our lungs, this is also the major reason of deaths in America.
• Alzheimer’s disease is another reason. This disease is spreading in America. Doctors do not know the main cause of this disease.
• Kidney failure is also a big reason of deaths in America. It is common in both genders. The main reason behind is that, excess use of alcohol, and drink less water.
• Pneumonia is a disease in which excessive water loose from the body. In some persons it is simple, but in some people it may lead to complication causes many deaths.

These are some disease, which are common in America.
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