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I'm converting a classic Mini, and I've got the gas tank out...I was hoping to install a J1772 inlet in the fuel filler location, but the 70mm round opening is a bit too small for the J1772 charger to fit through. I don't want the inlet to poke out, so I'm exploring alternatives. I'd rather not cut the body if I can avoid it...

I would prefer a standard NEMA connector, but I do value the proximity feature of the J1772 connector...I want to make sure I don't drive off with the car plugged in, which I've absolutely tried to do several times in the past. Has anyone mimicked this in any way?

I was thinking maybe I could have some kind of switch that flips when a cord is plugged in, but I'm not really aware of any momentary switches that are flat enough to be out of the way...Maybe I could just detect the AC power and flip a DC switch somehow...?

I also thought about cobbling together a Tesla inlet, but I suspect that's a proprietary pain...

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