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Hello experts,

I understand this is an electric car forum. But some of the tech maybe applicable to smaller applications too.
Also am an electronic noob, so apologize in advance if this is too basic.

I have 2 motors from 2 brands These are BLDC In-Hub Motors for an Electric Scooter.

  • One claims a rated power of 1000 watt and peak power of 2500 watt, Gradebility of 22 degrees. This uses a 72V system.
  • Another brand says they have a motor rated at 1000W with a Peak power of 1500W and claim Gradebility of 7 degrees and this uses a 48V system.

Both use a 2 kWh battery packs.

Now how do i arrive at the power (in kW - don't care bout antiquated HP) that will be generated by each motor at say 2000 RPM
And how do i arrive at the Torque at the said RPM.

Apart from Power at RPM and Torque at RPM, what other parameters do i need to look for while comparing the two.

How do we trust their grade-ability claims?

Thanks in advance!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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