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Competitive EV no prep drag car

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Hi I’ve had the idea to compete in No prep and street racing events with my car... but with an electric powerplant. The cars I compete against make 1000hp-1500hp and are under 3000lbs. I’m curious on where you guys would start and what litterateur to dissect so I can possibly come up with a winning set up or at least one to beat my personal goals. I have questions such as battery set ups, Motor size and would you run a trans or not? It’s a strictly drag car only. I’ve looked at the WARP 11s and possibly running two inline with a direct drive. I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around controlling the power or power management and tuning as far as pulling power out or applying it through a pass. If there’s anything you guys have to point me in the right direction that would be awesome! PFA!


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I did a quick search so now I understand that that "no prep" means a less-prepared (or at least less sticky) track surface. I hope that "street racing" means either Street Legal or some other class of competition on drag race tracks that is intended for streetable cars. Right?
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