Upgrading my entire build to an SDU. Have my current low voltage setup for sale, it is still in the car and was installed in 2020. Have about 6k miles on the build but want more power and range. No issues with anything, just drove it 200 miles last weekend to the electrify expo.

Well documented build on Instagram and YouTube under the name Electrovair

1. Hyper9 96v dual shaft coupled to the factory 4 speed manual with light weight VW aluminum flywheel. Mounted with Electric GT beauty plate for SME and chill plate. Yes, the transmission comes with it.

2. 25kwh pack (5x tesla 5.3kwh modules) in a amprevolt box. All cells kept between (3.3-4.15)

3. ZEVA BMS- works great but you may want to switch to a company that is still around.

4. 3.3kw TC charger liquid cooled

5. 1kw DC/DC

6. Custom built contactor box and anything else with the low voltage system that I won't need.

Everything is negotiable. Prefer to sell entire system though. Would be perfect for someone with an early model Corvair that would be okay with 75-100 miles of range

Text or email is preferred
[email protected]