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Complete drivetrain for a toyota estima hybrid

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Its a 2002 Toyota Estima Hybrid with around 5k on it. I got this a while back and had absolutely no idea what to do with it since it was not sold in the US. Everything worked great on it. It was a normal sized toyota engine then the rear carrier was powered solely by electric power. The FWD was on fuel and the RWD was on electric which also gave you a awd type drive.

I have the whole complete drivetain and everything that comes with it for sale. I just dropped the whole front kmember, then pulled all electronics/batteries/computers/etc.

somebody should make a super cool project out of this!

any questions you can call at 313-365-5555 or email [email protected]

Not really sure how much Its worth either. Anybody got any opinions? I can ship it all anywhere for around $150

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I've done a little research and here is some more info.

"The first generation Estima Hybrid employed the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive and used a single electric motor and a mechanical CVT in its transmission and had been on sale in Japan since June 2001. It was considered to be the world's first hybrid minivan."

more pictures


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