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SOLD SOLD I have a complete EV conversion kit for sale (and this one really is complete! check the parts list), brand new in boxes, several years old and never used. It is a KTA services kit, using an Advanced dc # 203-06-4001 motor, Curtis 1221C-7401 controller, motor adapter, DC-DC converter, Charger, gauges, cable, fuse, contactor,vacuum pump and the list goes on and on.

Full parts list in the pictures..

This was originally for a GEO tracker so comes with an adapter for that, I don't know what else it may fit. Either way, the price is so low that purchasing the adapter for your car should still be in the budget...

This would be good for a first time conversion or a low budget vehicle conversion as it was designed for use with lead acid batteries, but most of the parts can still be used with lithium batteries if you chose to use them.

Original cost @ 6000.00 years ago... only asking 1800.oo + shipping, but feel free to make offer. This kit has been sitting in the shop for years unused and in all the original boxes and crate.


I also have a Zivan charger for sale listed separately if you are interested in that


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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