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Completed Toro Lawn Tractor Walk Around Video

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This is a video "Walk Around" and a demo ride of my completed Toro Lawn Tractor conversion. (Now I just need to solve some vibrating body panels to quiet it down) Thanks to a bunch of folks on this site that helped with a ton of questions I had....
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That's a very well-done conversion and it's very neatly packaged, compared to mine.
I have an old Craftsman LT1000 I converted 6 plus years ago as an electric mule; when I decided to reinstalled the mower deck, I used the belt drive and upgraded to an alltrax control and a foot accelerator for better motor speed control. Had some thoughts about motor driven deck blades as an upgrade; but. I have about 4 acres of weeds to keep under control so I use an ICE mower and battery electric weeder to keep it down, and the electric mule for everything else. I have been waiting for Lithium Ion batteries to come down in price before I decide to go full electric. right now 48 volts and 200 amps of Li batteries are way out of sight.

Let me know when you install the deck motors. I will be interested in your choice and costs.
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