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Ok, I have been interested in an EV for a few years and reading this site (as well as every other one I could find) for a few months now.
I am a mechanic by trade, fabricator by hobby, have enough of a garage that I can make pretty much anything (mill/lathe/cnc plasma table/mig/tig/lots of other stuff) and have enough of an understanding of electrical that I can read schematics with ease or figure out for myself how to connect everything.
After months of dreaming/research a friend gave me a donor vehicle (with the stipulation I use it for my electric vehicle), a base 91 civic hatch (no ps, manual windows, no sunroof, lightest possible option other than a VX) and I am now looking at starting to order some parts.
Planned on using an alternator/vacuum pump combo like my diesel van has to charge the 12v battery for now to run lights etc.
Problem is, I am not sure what the best option is and I don't understand the mathematics enough to make an informed choice.

Choice A: Zilla 156v controller with impulse 9
Cheapest of my options, will probably work ok judging by the specs and what I could find on the EV album.

Choice B: Zilla 156v controller with the warp 9
I cant figure out if this combo would allow a further range over the impulse 9 assuming everything else is equal. If it would allow me to go further, the extra $100 and 30lbs would be worth it.

Choice C: Zilla 300v controller with the impulse 9 and run at 192volts.
I assume this would be pretty quick and I am guessing the best option for overall range and performance, I dont dare use the warp 9 here instead since the civic tranny would probably snap in 2.

Is there any other motor/controller combo I should consider? The curtis one I have thought about but like the option of using a higher voltage if I deem necessary. I looked at that AC-24 kit but the specs dont seem that impressive unless I am reading it wrong or you can use a higher voltage than the 156v listed. Any advice would be appreciated. My goal is something that would drive about the same as a normal civic power wise and of course, get as far as possible but that is what everyone wants. Cost is important but I have done enough projects on the cheap to know you end up spending the money later so instead of cheap, I like to consider overall value.

I have been considering that lithium group buy too that is being organized for next year but I am not too sure I can swing it in time or what would be a reasonable size pack to get.

Ps. On that evdl mailing list they were looking for a source for used hybrid parts cheap. I tried signing up but cant figure out that mailing list so if anyone from there reads this,
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