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Hi all.

In the past 12 months I have gotten into the EV world and purchased both an electric scooter/moped (Chinese no-name brand), and a new Citroen AMI. I tinker, and as I am learning about the vehicles and looking to hack improve upon their capabilities, have started to wonder at what point my hacking learning might lead me to be creating a rolling fireball rather than upgraded, usable vehicle. This leads me to my questions...

The short question is -- are there any recommendations for where I can read an overview of the components that make up an EV and how they all piece together and interact?

For fear of boiling things down too much (and facing the wrath of the group), as I see it, the most basic components in an EV are the battery, a BMS, a controller and the motor. With there being boatloads of controllers available for sale on the market, I am wondering -- (assuming the battery can supply the needed power), is it as simple as pairing a controller with a higher powered motor and things will just work? Apart from the obvious voltage and kWs elements, what makes the components compatible (or not)?

Thanks in advance.
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