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Connecting DMOC445 to CCShell on laptop

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I am having trouble connecting a Solectria/Azure DMOC445 to CCShell on a laptop. I need to adjust the battery voltage parameters to fit a new LiNMC battery.
Wolf let me know that I need the right .ccs file that goes with this DMOC. Does anyone have the GUID: BC-27-E6-DB-0B-BC-D2-27
I have seen this GUID called out before so it must be in quite a few DMOCs.
Alternatively, does anyone have another method to get CCShell talking to the DMOC?
Hyperterminal doesn't access the parameters for editing but did show me that the com link was working between DMOC and laptop via the 9-pin D serial port.
Thanks, James Worden
Please also email me at jameswordenATgmailDOTcom