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Connecting SIMP battery management system with a trumpf system working on Modbus TCP protocol

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I was working on a system of SIMP BMS with BMW i3 modules and a Victron inverter. Now, I have to stop using Victron inverters and use trumpf AC-DC, DC-DC, and system control units in addition to SIMP BMS along with BMS i3 modules. The Victron had DBC files that I was able to convert into CAN IDs and then I was able to input those CAN IDs in my SIMP BMS so that my BMS was able to communicate with the Victron Inverters for the charging and discharging of BMW i3 Modules.

Now, the trumpf units do not work on CAN protocol but Modbus TCP communication protocol. Does anyone have any experience in how to integrate this communication into the SIMP BMS or BMS in general. I have looked into the programming of Modbus TCP with Arduino however, I haven't been successful yet.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Let me know if you need any more information regarding this query.