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Brian, the problem I seem with the Do It Yourself concept is , no one person can or has given me the details needed to do the whole project step by step, listing prices and parts needed. You are right, I cannot and will not pay someone to do this at 75K this is totally unrealistic to put that kind of money on the nice little 6K truck I bought at christmas time. However if someone could do the whole thing for 10K and I did not have to mess with anything that would obviously be a done deal.
In my researching to see if this conversion either full electric or hybrid conversion is something I want to have done I have not fully explained to all of you what I call my "ACE IN THE HOLE".
My son and his best friend since childhood have this weekend hobby of working on his friends cars on the weekend. His best friend is a fully functioning Electrician with his own business and a fleet of vehicles. A few years ago this Best friend build a Lamborghini look alike on a pontiac Fiero frame and engine. His friend bought and set up his own vehicle repair shop with all the nice tools, he has a lift, tire machines and all the tools to do whatever I need. He even has a business name so he can get the necessary discounts for parts. He just doesn't. do business as a repair shop. So no labor charges for Old Hank would apply here, I would have access to all the tools needed, part discounts, and somewhere to build this for awhile, AKA "MY ACE IN THE HOLE" Please see my son who is a Software Engineer by daytime working on the truck he wrapped inside his best friends workshop. Now you know my secret. Have a good day, Work Safe, BE SAFE. PS: When you see these photos, remember this is a private shop.
thank you,
Hank W.
Colorado High Country.
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It's just not financially feasible at this point in time to get your truck converted at an economical price. I spent $10k out of my pocket but it was a year of work and custom fabrication and it's still not right. $25k on the very low end you might get someone to convert it for you, but it won't be a Tesla.

The reason nobody has given you a parts list is because there is no easy button. There aren't really any kits out there. And the ones th as t do exist have nonexistent customer support. I am in Morrison, CO. Click on my user name and view my post history check out my build thread for exactly what I did. You can come check out my EV and we can chat sometime if you want.
1 - 3 of 72 Posts