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So I'm wondering if what I want is feasible without spending huge $$$.
The Exocet is basically a tube frame that replaces the Miata body and drops a lot of weight by doing so.

In ICE configuration the car would be about 1400lbs.
I want the car to be very quick up to 100mph.
I would run the gearbox to aid in acceleration and fun. This is going to be a street car, but for fun only, not commuting.
For strong acceleration up to 100mph it looks like 150hp will be the minimum I can accept. AM Racing AMR 250-90 would be awesome but so expensive for it and supporting hardware. Maybe the Oil-Cooled Curtis 1239-8501 Dual HPEVS AC-35? It doesn't look like the Warp9 is even close in power capability.
Range, I'd like to get 50miles of spirited driving, twisty hilly roads.
I'd like to keep the budget under $20k for motor/controller/batteries.

Is this feasible?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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