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I own a 1981 Z28 (350, 4bbl, nice ride back in the day) T-Tops, the whole High School Dream Machine Package. She's been sitting idle for years, but will start on real gasoline, so an experienced oldster like myself could keep the stock girl running just fine. I don't want to do that. The way I see it, I have possibly two options:

1) Yank the drivetrain and fuel system, and replace it with a modern crate motor, transmission and fuel system. Instant 2x+ of original horsepower, but still fundamentally the same vehicle.

2) Do an EV conversion either as a straight up plug in EV or as a hybrid with a smallish power plant to handle the drive and charge duties when I go over the plug in range.

The questions for you folks who are way more experienced in the EV conversion world are:
A) How well trodden is the conversion of a 2nd gen Camero?
B) Weight is the enemy of range and yanking the small block and all of its supporting cruft along with the transmission will help, but is it enough?
C) Is this a sane consideration or am I barking mad? (at least WRT this project)
D) While I'm at it, is it worth looking into modification of the suspension (both front and rear) to improve handling and/or deal with the new weight distribution?
E) Registration & Safety Inspections. What happens in those worlds typically in any US State when you do a conversion on a former gasoline (or diesel) vehicle? (Leave Cali out of the mix if they are as different in this aspect as they usually are in other regulatory issues.)
F) What am I not thinking about, but should?

Thanks in advance for your kind pointers, comments, tips, etc...

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