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I'm still in the early stages of setting up everything electrically. I bought a kit from that came with a Curtis 1238 and a GV200QA-1 contactor. My battery configuration is 96v, and this was specified when placing the order. The contactor is connected to pins 6 and 13.

After the precharge completes, I can hear the contactor click on, as expected. What I didn't expect was for it to hum, and I can feel a slight vibration. The hum is quiet, and I did ensure the lugs were tightened down real good. After about a full minute of being powered on, it gets very warm. Not uncomfortably hot to touch, but it was surprisingly hot while being on for such a short amount of time. It doesn't seem to matter if the motor was running or not.

Are these symptoms normal? If not, how can I go about mitigating it? I don't have a means to re-program the motor controller (or at least I don't think I do) and the warranty is likely expired by now since the parts were purchased about 2 years ago.
Everything else appears to operate normally.
The good news is the1238 has adjustable "pull in" and "hold voltage" for coils and its based on a percentage of battery voltage.

The bad news is its done through low frequency pulse width modulation you can hear it.

The coils usually get about 30-50⁰C above ambient.

Everything appears normal.

The programmer is a Curtis 1313-4331 and it runs about $500, if you want to DIY tuning, just remember that the Curtis 1238 is probably the steepest learning curve but you can basically program the thing to run any motor and make it behave EXACTLY the way you want it to.

Its a great, easily customizable controller but you will do a "deep dive" into 3 phase motor theory and regenerative breaking by the time you get familiar with it.

If you are looking to build and learn ( with emphasis on "learn") I recommend getting the handset and the first thing you do is learn how to "save and restore" your current configuration.
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