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Controller options

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I am currently running a Logisystems 120-144V 550 amp model. I have had this for years from my former vehicle that was a Voltsrabbit setup with 120V of lead acid. It died once early on, but was repaired under warranty and took me 5000+ miles until the batteries were done.

Recently I used the old controller plus my Impulse 9 motor to convert a 2000 Miata with a full pack of Nissan leaf modules 3p16s (I think that is the right terminology) for 120 volts nominal. Full charge is about 132 V.

I am about 800 miles in and everything is working well, but the acceleration could be better. I am considering re-configuring to 2p24S for 180 V.

So here is the dilemma. Information I found on the old EVDL says that my 120-144 volt controller has thresholds of 72-198 volts. If I re-configure to 180 volts nominal a full charge is right at that 198 volt threshold.

Any opinions on the wisdom of pushing the logisystem this way? I will likely limit to 300 amps for short periods, not looking to drag race (often :D), just to get from the traffic light without slowing everyone behind me down.

If I can't use the Logisystem in this way (I suspect I shouldn't), what are the other options? The Soliton Jr looks ideal, but they seem to be out of production. Simple is fine and $2000 or less would be preferable, but opinions without respect to cost are also useful. Thanks.