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I want to use perhaps six off unmodified Model 3 battery packs for an energy storage system I am designing for my own use. I have suggested Model 3 as being perhaps a more popular and modern battery assembly, hopefully having any problems encountered in the Model S or X designed out of it.

I am looking for suggestions on what companies there are (anywhere in the world) who can supply "plug-in module(s)" to both (1) the Tesla Model 3 Battery Charger to control its charge and (2) read the internal Battery Management System (by CANbus) and ideally display the individual battery status on a touchscreen user interface. Both (1) and (2) would be duplicated per battery. I am a hardware electronic designer (of 40 years) but want to do minimal work to implement this aspect (I have much other design work to do on this project) - I would much rather buy off-the-shelf if possible (perhaps in my dreams) !!!

I have already designed a fully integrated fluidic controller that controls/monitors/alarms the battery temperature to both heat and cool these batteries with a nice user interface (RS Stock No.:125-7952 ) and USB to computer, so this aspect is fully covered.
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