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Jim Hanna seems to have gotten a Nissan Leaf DC-DC converter working on a bench, and it seems quite simple. I've been digging around a lot for information, and his video is the only information I've found for accomplishing this:

It seems like all you need are the main high-voltage power connections (and precharge), and three connections to the converter:

- 12V ground.
- 12V to pin 1.
- 10Hz PWM circuit on pin 3 to control output voltage (from 13-15V).

The cheapest workable DC-DC converter I've found thus far is the 100A Chevy Volt sucker that can be found for $400-500. Allegedly the Leaf converter is good for 180A, but in the video it is said that it starts making noise with around a 75A load. His is an early Leaf.

For whatever reason, this video didn't surface readily when I was sniffing around, so I figured I'd post the info where more eyes might see it.
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