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Hi Jens, nice work and thanks for sharing!
I see in the 1.0 that you connect the motor direct to the transfer box. A few questions pop up in my head that you might be able to answer.
How wide is your motor? It must be pretty slim to fit to the transfer case I guess? (My Leaf motor doesn't fit to the original gear box but maybe to a LT230)
Do you have any reduction gearbox in between motor and transfer box or do you run it direct? How high can you rev it in that case?
Hi Tor,

the Siemens Motor is 245mm wide and yes, hence it was really tricky to fit on the transfer case. There is no reduction gear between, but the one ton transferbox comes with 1,53:1 ratio (long). At 100 km/h the motor turns a little less than 5000 rpm. I think, the combination of the leaf em 57 and a lt230 (with 1,667 ratio) will run smoothly. Yet according to Germany ´s street legal rules it is not allowed to use a electric motor with more permanent power than the original petrol engine...
1 - 2 of 24 Posts